New homes could add pressure to existing schools

250 homes are likely to be built at the Coldeast site in Fareham
250 homes are likely to be built at the Coldeast site in Fareham
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PLANS for the development of a 150 acre site could lead to one of the region’s biggest schools expanding by 500 pupils.

Development of the Coldeast site at Sarisbury Green in west Fareham is likely to create 250 new homes.

But residents have expressed worries about the impact of the proposals on the local infrastructure, among them plans to expand existing schools to cope.

This includes growing Brookfield Community School, about a mile south of the site, to 2,200 pupils.

Other concerns were also raised about the effect on roads and medical provision.

However, Fareham Borough Council has created a document outlining what it is also seeking to include in the site. A new swimming pool for the western wards has been a long-standing priority, and a new cemetery is needed as Holly Hill Cemetery is already full, allotments and park land.

At a meeting of the council’s ruling executive last night, council leader, cllr Sean Woodward, said: ‘The fact of the matter is we lost a planning appeal to keep the housing off of Coldeast, and Mr Prescott as was allowed 250 houses to go ahead.

‘It will be developed whether it is under our control or not.’

Cllr Arthur Mandry added: ‘By including this as council planning policy, this document gives the council control as to what can be developed there, what benefits can be accrued, what affordable housing, and all these things.

‘Without this control we would probably get nothing from developers.’

But Rachel Allinson from the newly formed Coldeast Action Group said afterwards: ‘The action group believe that none of these points have been adequately addressed and that despite pressure being put on local councillors these issues are never likely to be resolved.

‘We also feel that the community facilities proposed are inadequately detailed at best, and seem to be a mere platitude designed to shift the focus of residents away from the destruction of the site.’

The group has created a campaign website at