New lab promises to help clean up internet litter

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STUDENTS at the University of Portsmouth are learning how to help save the planet thanks – with a new £1m laboratory.

The group of engineering students have been given access to more than 250 servers to help create faster applications to help customers of small business or major corporations like Google use as little energy as possible.

Nick Savage, who is leading the courses in network management and administration and computer administration, said: ‘It’s easy to make changes to code and networks, but doing it intelligently is what we are interested in.

‘A good quality versus a poor quality app makes a huge difference in the speed of the internet and how much power is used.

‘The internet is 10,000 more inefficient than it should be. It is littered with code, apps and networks which are eating power at an enormous rate.

‘The internet is forecast to be using one per cent of the entire world’s electricity within the next few years and this isn’t sustainable.

‘We need to train tomorrow’s computing experts to work more sustainably.’

Student Richard Davenport said: ‘The new lab is a fantastic improvement.’