New learning facility opened at University of Portsmouth

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A LEARNING facility that promotes student-led collaboration and discovery has been opened at the University of Portsmouth.

‘TEAL Studio One’ combines innovative seating arrangements with easy-to-use technology to create an environment in which students help each other to learn.

Lecturers in a TEAL space no longer deliver a lecture in the traditional sense.

Instead, students are provided with the lecture materials, videos, screencasts and pre-readings that define what students must know before they come to class, and are tested on it via a multiple choice test.

The format can be used to teach any subject and has been shown to substantially improve student achievement, attendance and engagement.

David Starkey, senior lecturer in operations and systems management, and faculty learning and teaching coordinator, said: ‘TEAL Studio One is a space where lecturers become coaches and students face each other around specially-designed tables that each seat nine students organised in three teams of three.

‘This form of social learning challenges students of all abilities, as you have to be fully on top of a subject to be able to explain it to your peers.’