New scholarship is on offer at University of Portsmouth

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THREATS from international terrorism, organised crime, and violent gangs are to be addressed by a new doctoral programme offered by the University of Portsmouth.

The university, in collaboration with University of Maastricht in Holland and the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, is offering 25 fully-funded PhD scholarships.

Policing tactics such as lie detection, facial recognition, and best practice in the law courts will be tackled.

The collaboration, called the ‘House of Legal Psychology’ is designed to prepare a new generation of high-calibre researchers as experts in cross-European legal, forensic and security domains.

Dr Lorraine Hope from the International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychology at the university said: ‘This is a unique opportunity for researchers to work with police and security personnel to find cost-effective solutions to problems.

‘Research scientists trained in the programme will not only drive forward scientific advances in the field but will also be well-equipped to influence policy and practice across Europe.’

Visit The deadline for applications is Thursday, January 31.