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A GROUP of teenagers spent the day at a care home teaching pensioners how to get online.

The elderly residents of Parker Meadows, on Redlands Lane, Fareham, were given Kindles, digital cameras, laptops and iPads – and became ‘silver surfers’.

LESSONS Faye Clarke, 15, with Enid Murray, 82. Picture: Paul Jacobs  (131756-1)

LESSONS Faye Clarke, 15, with Enid Murray, 82. Picture: Paul Jacobs (131756-1)

Home manager Geraint Williams said: ‘We are trying to get people to recognise IT is for old people as well as youngsters.’

Geraint said that the technology opened up a whole world for residents, who used it to buy presents for their grandchildren, go shopping and keep in touch with relatives.

The care home had even used technology to help a resident who was too ill to attend a wedding.

Geraint said: ‘We Skyped it to him on the big screen, everybody dressed up, we decorated the room the same as the venue, matched the menu. Everything just tied it all in for him.’

Meoncross School pupils were giving IT masterclasses and one-to-one lessons.

Year 10 pupil, Faye Clarke, 15, showed Enid Murray, 82, how to use an iPad.

Enid said: ‘It’s something I can’t understand at the moment.

‘It’s a long time since I was at school, but I would like to learn.’

Megan Price, 15, was also helping pass on her knowledge.

She said: ‘We are helping the residents to sort out their technology.

‘It’s really helpful for them to be able to use it.’

Liam Brown, 15, said: ‘It’s just helping them with their day-to-day life.’

Parker Meadows uses technology to improve the quality of life of its residents. Special apps were developed for the home by the Bournemouth University Dementia Institute.

Residents also have access to a touch screen computer, used for hand-eye co-ordination games, reminiscence therapy and as a digital record player.

Staff from Fareham-based IT company Taylor Made were also on hand to help the residents.

Worker Darryl Hounsome, 29, said: ‘There are a lot of apps where they can get genuine benefit.’