Nicole puts pen to paper with her own poetry book

PROUD Nicole Crosbourne with her book of poetry. Picture: Paul Jacobs (131126-2)
PROUD Nicole Crosbourne with her book of poetry. Picture: Paul Jacobs (131126-2)
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TALENTED teenager Nicole Crosbourne has been writing poetry since the age of seven – and now she’s had her own book published.

Nicole has had her work put into a children’s poetry book called 101 Poems for Children, which has now gone on sale online.

The 16-year-old Year 11 student from Oaklands Catholic School in Waterlooville put pen to paper over a number of years and decided to see if she could get it published.

She finally got the green light when AuthorHouse agreed to publish her book and it went on sale earlier this year.

Nicole said: ‘I’ve been writing poems since I was about seven. I started to write them more frequently from when I was 13.

‘It had always just been a hobby that I’ve enjoyed.

‘With the help of my mum we looked around different publishing houses.’

And Nicole said she has always found writing a very enjoyable thing to do.

‘I find it’s a way of capturing certain ideas,’ she said.

‘It’s very exciting. It seems a bit odd at the moment because I’m still in school.

‘I’m hoping to continue writing poems and to maybe publish another book.

‘I’m not sure where I got the ideas from.

‘But there have been certain events where I wanted to write about things.

‘One of my family friends passed away and I wrote a poem about that. Then my grandad passed away so I was inspired by that.’

Nicole said she has had a lot of support from her family.

‘My mum thinks it’s great. She’s very proud,’ she said.

The book covers a wide range of genres from under-10s to rhymes, riddles, and limericks.

Headteacher of Oaklands Catholic School Matthew Quinn said: ‘It’s taken her two years to write it and to find someone to publish it. She’s a very bright girl.

‘We bought five copies and put them in the library.

‘It’s amazing that a youngster has got the tenacity to keep going with a project like that.

‘It’s lovely when a child follows a passion that goes alongside what they might want to do in future life. She’s a real credit to the school and to her parents.’

Nicole is now going on to Havant College where she hopes to study English as one of her A-levels.


You gave me ideas,

You helped me with mine,

You triggered my imagination,

You stuck by my side.

You made me see what I’d achieve,

With effort, hard work and time,

You supported my amendments,

You helped make my work shine.

You supported me night and day,

To help me accomplish my dream,

But what you did most of all,

You gave the inspiration to me.