No cash lure for top students to Portsmouth uni

Jessica King and Lucy Knight have been offered places at Oxford.

Students make history with offers from Oxford

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THE vice-chancellor of the University of Portsmouth said he would not be offering cash incentives to attract the brightest students.

John Craven’s comments come as some universities have made offers worth thousands of pounds to students with AAB grade A-levels and above.

In September, universities will be allowed to compete for 65,000 extra high-performing students, which will bring in more money.

Mr Craven said: ‘Between three and five per cent of our current students have A-level grades of AAB or above, and many of them are people who live locally and want to come here. We won’t be offering any cash incentives, and that isn’t an issue for us at all.’

Mr Craven also said there would be no immediate drive to increase the number or fees of international students, who comprise about 12 per cent of the student population.

They pay between £9,000 and £12,000 tuition fees that don’t fall under the home and EU fees cap.

He said: ‘We would normally increase fees in line with inflation, and that’s the present expectation for the next couple of years.

‘We are trying to remain competitive.’