No foul play at our gate, Portsmouth pupils tell dog owners

POSTERS Winning pupil Rio Hutton, centre, with the two runners-up, Erin Jaques, left, and Keeley Tassell
POSTERS Winning pupil Rio Hutton, centre, with the two runners-up, Erin Jaques, left, and Keeley Tassell
Forest School Leaders Dawn White and Sue Evans with their pupils outside the school

Picture: Habibur Rahman (180146-338)

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THEY may be small in stature – but these three girls are saying a big NO to foul play in their neighbourhood with posters urging dog owners to mop up their pets’ mess.

Rio Hutton, Keeley Tassell, both seven, and Erin Jaques, six, of Manor Infants in Buckland, are the creators of hard-hitting posters that have gone up throughout their neighbourhood.

They hope the posters, which won a competition set by Portsmouth City Council and council contractors Colas, will make irresponsible adults think twice before letting their dogs foul the pavements.

Rio, who was awarded overall prize for her picture of a dog walker responsibly using a bin, said: ‘I hope my poster will make a difference.

‘Leaving dog mess in the street is selfish as it puts other people off from going there.’

Keeley, who was runner-up with Erin, said her image of a dog in a circle with a red line through it was inspired by ‘forbidden’ signs in the street.

She said: ‘When I walk down my street I see dog mess everywhere. It makes me angry. It’s horrible for people who want to walk outdoors, as they might step in it and dirty their shoes and carpets.

‘It doesn’t take a lot of effort to pick up the mess, but it creates a lot of problems if you don’t.’

Erin added: ‘Dog owners are old enough to know to clean up their dogs’ mess. I feel strongly that they should take more responsibility.’

Vincent Venus, the council’s street environment manager, applauded the pupils for their support.

He said: ‘We appreciate all the time and effort they put into helping us tackle this issue.’

The competition comes as the council prepares to launch a city-wide campaign calling on residents to report people falling foul of the law which carries a penalty of a £75 fine followed by prosecution if the fine is not paid,

To report a dog owner call the council on (023) 9283 4092 or email with full details including time, place, descriptions of dog and owner and address or car registration.

Residents are also asked to display flyers in their windows that can be downloaded from