Padnell Infant School deputy headteacher’s Spinnaker Tower challenge

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THE deputy headteacher of a school took a major leap of faith for her school – by abseiling down Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower.

Julie Tasker, of Padnell Infants, Cowplain, descended from the tower on Saturday to raise money to buy outdoor toys for the school’s children to enjoy.

As a show of support, the youngsters walked the 175m height of the tower around their school field – and the combined sponsored challenges raised £1,000.

Mrs Tasker, 35, who was back in school this week, said: ‘It was a real adrenaline rush – I was pretty near the top of the tower and I could hear all the children calling my name.

‘I heard lots of cheers when I came down, it was great to have so much support.’

She added: ‘The abseil was something I’ve always wanted to do, but I wanted to do it for a reason.

‘I’m so pleased with the money we raised.

‘We will use the money to buy boxes for each class filled with coloured balls and bats and other games for them to enjoy outdoors.’