Parents at Front Lawn Primary School in Leigh Park split over teachers’ strike

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THERE was a mixed reaction to the strike outside Front Lawn Primary School, in Leigh Park.

While some felt it was unfair on the children others said they believed teachers had the right to fight for their pay and conditions.

Karen Gauntless with her son Reece.

Karen Gauntless with her son Reece.

Karen Gauntlett’s nine-year-old son Reece was one of the Year Five pupils off yesterday – the only year group in the school affected by the strike. Mrs Gauntlett, 31, said: ‘As soon as I heard they were striking the first question I asked was “why” and then I did my research.

‘I’m all for it. I would not want a 70-year-old teaching my children. That’s what the changes will mean for teachers.

‘Teaching is hard work and a lot of pressure. I don’t want a really tired 70-year-old in the classroom.

‘Something will have to give and it will affect children’s education.’

But Gemma Ashman, of Dunsbury Way, felt it was unfair on working parents.

She said: ‘I’m a hairdresser and luckily my only client today cancelled so I was only in work 10 minutes.

‘But I will still have to take today as holiday or unpaid leave.’