Parents at Waterlooville school reassured after confusion over results

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  • Purbrook Park said 58 per cent of students achieved gold standard
  • But Department for Education figure was lower
  • Headteacher said issue is about vocational and functional skills courses
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A HEADTEACHER has reassured parents about its GCSE results following confusion over its figures.

Purbrook Park School told parents that 57 per cent of students achieved the gold standard of five or more A*-C grades including English and maths.

I think that it would be helpful to parents if the Department for Education included all results

Paul Foxley, headteacher

But results released by the Department for Education showed the figure is just 51 per cent.

But headteacher Paul Foxley said the results include vocational and functional skills courses.

Mr Foxley said the true figure is now 58 per cent, as some students have resat exams and some papers have been remarked.

Parents reacted angrily at the news, concerned that the school had been dishonest with them.

One parent who has a son in Year 7 but who asked to remain anonymous, said: ‘When you challenge the school about it, they said they got 58 per cent. It just seems very bizarre.

‘They sent a letter comparing themselves to the other schools in the area.

‘They have put themselves at the top of this league table.

‘There seems to be a lot of pressure on parents to send their children there.

‘There is some decent competition from other schools.

‘We are a bit confused, upset and angry with the school. We just want them to be truthful.’

But Mr Foxley said: ‘The Department for Education figure doesn’t include any of the children who achieved vocational qualifications.

‘Some children also did functional skills courses.

‘There is a lot of discussion about what should be published in the league tables.

‘I would ask parents to contact the school directly to find out what the results are. They are subject to change.

‘I think that it would be helpful to parents if the Department for Education included all results.’

The Department for Education said that the vocational and functional skills courses are not considered of a high enough standard to be included in the gold standard. It came into effect for the first time last year.