Parents fear for children’s safety on roads outside Portsmouth schools

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PARENTS are worried for their children’s safety because of a lack of school crossing patrols in an area with three schools.

Hilary Avenue in Cosham is home to both Court Lane Infants and Court Lane Junior schools, and has been plagued by mounting traffic, speeding cars, and a lack of adequate school crossing patrols for some time.

SAFETY FEARS Parents and children who are worried by the lack of a crossing patrol in Cosham

SAFETY FEARS Parents and children who are worried by the lack of a crossing patrol in Cosham

Springfield School is also close by, adding to the traffic problems at the beginning and end of each school day.

Kerry Williams has one child at the infants school and two at the junior school and is calling for more to be done to make the roads safer.

‘We have got no crossing patrol at all’ she said, adding that parents had been promised one weeks ago,

‘At one time there were three lollipop ladies then they cut it down to one person then for quite a long time there was no one there.’

The council has placed one school crossing patrol officer in the area but he has been off sick for several weeks and parents say it is more than just a lack of school crossing patrols that concern them.

‘Cars are driving too fast, there should be speed bumps,’ said Kerry.

‘The other day a car was speeding along and just missed me and my buggy by a fraction.

‘What is it going to take?’

Charmaine Crockett also has children at the school and has seen the problems get worse.

‘A taxi driver came round the corner and knocked my son off his bike. The other day they hit and killed a cat in front of my children.’

Amber Kerens-Bathmaker, the road safety and active travel manager at Portsmouth City Council said: ‘We have a dedicated lollipop man for the Court Lane site, and will be reintroducing lighted signs to make drivers aware of their speed.

‘There are still lollipop positions which are vacant, and I would urge anyone interested to get in touch.’