Parents urged to get advice on needs

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A FORMER school governor is offering advice to parents of children with special needs who are struggling to get the help they need in the classroom.

Ex Lib Dem city councillor Nigel Sizer, 71, contacted The News after reading about mum Emma Urry who pulled her son Alex, 12, out of Neville Lovett School in Fareham claiming it was failing to support his special needs. He said parents should take the initiative and apply for their children to be assessed for a special needs statement, which would entitle them to extra support.

‘In my experience, unless you have a very pro-active school with a good special needs co-ordinator this is often not dealt with the urgency it deserves,’ he said.

‘But parents like Miss Urry don’t realise the power they have to do something about it.

‘All they need to do is write a letter to the council asking for a statutory assessment under sections 328 or 329 of the 1996 Education Act, and they can get the ball rolling.’

Mr Sizer will take any enquiries through his email at