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Six local Hampshire schools competed in Day Two of the 2015 Be Your Best Portsmouth Rock Challenge and Park Community were awarded first place with their performance ‘The Narration of Creation’.

Park Community’s illuminating and fast paced journey through time was upbeat and full of energy whilst their seamless transitions between eras were impressive. A clever, innovative use of set helped them to represent a myriad of differing scenes and periods. This fantastic performance has qualified them through to the Southern Open Final held at Portsmouth Guildhall in June.

Mary Rose School, Portsmouth''''Picture: Nick Scott Photography.

Mary Rose School, Portsmouth''''Picture: Nick Scott Photography.

In second place were Mary Rose Academy with their theme, ‘A Mystery in Scarlett’. This bright and intriguing performance cleverly took inspiration from Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary character, Sherlock Holmes. Mary Rose Academy followed clues to uncover the mystery, ultimately highlighting their message of appreciating the importance of family and friends. This piece was inventive and funny and Mary Rose Academy truly deserved their standing ovation.

The schools taking part all arrived early in the morning and spent the day rehearsing, dancing, having fun and supporting each other. The Spirit of Rock Challenge® Award allows those taking part to nominate who they think has been the friendliest and most supportive towards the other schools. Mary Rose Academy were presented with this highly anticipated award for their true Rock Challenge® spirit at the event.

In addition to this they also won two written awards. These Written Awards are some of the most important awards in the competition as they recognise and celebrate the important aspects of the Rock Challenge® which are not seen onstage, but that take place in the months leading up to the event in the schools and communities. Mary Rose Academy won in the following areas: Healthy Lifestyle and Cultural and Educational Achievement.

2015 celebrates the 20th year of Rock Challenge® in the UK and, in an incredible feat of dedication; Mayville High School competed tonight in their 20th Rock Challenge®. As one of only two schools in the country to ever achieve this milestone, Mayville High School were recognised and presented on stage with a gold framed award to commemorate their involvement. Teacher Lorraine Hepburn has been at Mayville High School helping to produce their Rock Challenge® entries every year since 1996 and Lorraine was also recognised this evening for her commitment to the event with a gold framed certificate.

Mayville High School’s theme ‘TRANSMITTING WARHOL, TRANSMITTING FAME’ was awarded with fourth place. Their performance celebrated the renowned artist, Andy Warhol. This technicoloured performance explored Warhol’s career from the, vibrant, fun and quirky early years to the dark later years. Their comedic characterisation of particular roles such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson was entertaining for all and the judges recognised their entertaining talents by awarding them the Hampshire County Council Award of Excellence for Entertainment.

In addition to competing in the senior Rock Challenge® competition, Mayville High School have also entered a junior team, who will compete in Friday’s J Rock™, to celebrate their 20th year.

Portsmouth Academy for Girls also competed last night in their first year taking part in a Rock Challenge® event. Their theme ‘What’s at the end of your rainbow?’ was colourful and enchanting.

The event, held at Portsmouth Guildhall, attracted an audience of over 1,100 and was supported by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Hampshire Constabulary, Hampshire County Council, Association of Chief Police Officers Criminal Records Office, Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team, Portsmouth City Council, HC3S and Hampshire Healthy Schools.

Hampshire Chief Constable, Andy Marsh presented the award for first place last night and commented; “What an absolutely fantastic evening and isn’t it great to see the young people having such fun, showing what they can do and learning so much. I’ve had a brilliant evening!”

Pictures by Nick Scott Photography