Play proves a benefit to GCSE history pupils

Tributes left outside Fareham Academy.

Picture: Ian Hargreaves (180012-4)

Tributes paid to ‘outstanding’ PE teacher who died suddenly over Christmas

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STUDENTS studying GCSE history went to see a play about Adolf Hitler.

Pupils from Henry Cort Community College in Fareham saw the play Hitler on Trial to enable them to develop their ability to analyse historical arguments.

The play challenges GCSE students to think about contrasting interpretations of Nazi Germany and the causes of the Second World War.

Student Jamie Nevin said: ‘I enjoyed the trip as it was useful for exams by sharing useful tips and showing the success criteria. The play was also very informative and entertaining, the ending was very surprising as well.’

Principal Phil Munday said: ‘Learning history is not only fascinating but it also helps us to understand people and societies.

‘We make every effort to teach our students the principles of good citizenship.’