POLL RESULTS: Should parents be allowed to take their children on holiday during term time?

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More than three-quarters of readers believe parents should be allowed to take their children on holiday during term time without the school’s permission, a survey has found.

Yesterday The News asked for people to vote after an Isle of Wight dad went to the Supreme Court to ask for parents to be given the right.

Jon Platt

Jon Platt

Last year Jon Platt won a High Court battle clearing him of failing to ensure his daughter attended school regularly, after taking her on holiday without her headteacher’s permission.

Isle of Wight council had previously prosecuted him after he refused to pay a £120 penalty imposed by the council.

In our poll, 77 per cent of readers said parents should have the freedom to take children on holiday during term time, while 23 per cent said the school’s permission was needed.

The council has asked five Supreme Court justices to overturn the High Court decision, saying it raises important issues over what constitutes ‘regular attendance’ at school.

The court has reserved its judgement until a later date.

Readers on our Facebook page had their say on the ongoing court battle.

Helen Offley said: ‘When these people pay for OUR kids to go on holiday then they have a say, until then we decide. Not everyone can choose when they holiday due to work commitments.’

Jo Potter commented: ‘Can’t believe the council is spending all this money on this 1 case when all councils are complaining about the cut backs.’

And Michelle Clements said: ‘Really hope he wins this fight. It should be about common sense at the end of the day. My daughter missed school, 2 weeks a year, due to holidays and got straight A’s in her GCSE’s.’