Portsmouth children benefit from train safety project

LEARNING Pupils from Langstone Juniors learn about rail safety
LEARNING Pupils from Langstone Juniors learn about rail safety

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THE Pompey Study Centre has teamed up with South West Trains to promote rail safety to children and teenagers.

The Off the Rails project has been designed to make young people in the Portsmouth area aware of some of the major issues relating to train travel, including treating staff and passengers with respect, preventing vandalism and staying safe.

During the campaign, year six pupils take part in a lesson demonstrating the dangers of bad behaviour, and youngsters have the opportunity to take part in a railway-themed poster competition.

The winners will have their entries displayed at stations and in schools.

The scheme uses images of Pompey players to highlight the dangers of crossing the yellow safety lines on platforms.

Pompey goalkeeper Stephen Henderson said: ‘It’s so important to be safe when you’re at stations.

‘It’s so easy to drift over the yellow lines towards the track, so you’ve got to know what’s going on around you.’

Fellow footballing star Joel Ward added: ‘It’s important to make people aware that stations aren’t playground and that they are dangerous places where bad things can happen.

‘We’re lucky enough to be in a position where we can help people, and part of that is being able to create awareness of various subjects like this.

‘It’s such a simple message really because by just paying a bit more attention lives can be saved.’