Portsmouth conference for school creativity is big success

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CREATIVE ideas for the classroom were shared by dozens of experts in the field of education, the arts and social entrepreneurs at a one-off event organised by the University of Portsmouth.

Workshops on new technologies and tips on how to engage youngsters were exchanged at the conference at the Anglican cathedral in Old Portsmouth – which was rounded off with an iPad orchestral performance by pupils at Southampton’s Great Oaks Special School.

Di Mitchell, Portsmouth’s head of education, said: ‘It was an inspirational and creative event with something for everybody and the potential for creative work in schools.’

Anne Burrill, from the university, said: ‘We’ve been overwhelmed by how successful the event has been.

‘The whole motivation was to get schools, creative practitioners, social entrepreneurs and those involved in innovative practice together in one space to engage and inspire each other and then take home the momentum.

‘We seem to have done just that.’