Portsmouth education boss rejects claim schools face £8m cuts

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Portsmouth City Council’s executive member for education has rejected claims that schools in the city could face £8m of cuts to their budgets by 2019.

Councillor Neill Young said schools would better off when the new National Funding Formula is introduced, and that more teachers were being recruited across the city.

According to figures from the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the Association of Teachers & Lecturers (ATL), Portsmouth’s schools face a funding cut worth £8,052,952 - equal to a cut of 216 teachers.

This will mean £337 less is spent for every pupil at a state school over the year.

The National Funding Formula, which is currently under consultation, is designed to share funding more equally around the country.

Cllr Young said: ‘Early indications show education in the city will be £1.2m better off when the new National Funding Formula is applied.

‘We need more teachers, not fewer, and we’re actively recruiting more teachers to Portsmouth due to rising pupil numbers.

‘The new funding formula looks at how money is divided between schools, so while we don’t know how individual schools will benefit we’re committed to supporting education in the city.

‘The DfE has confirmed they are spending over £40b on schools which is the highest amount in history reflecting the significant increase in pupil numbers in recent years.’