Portsmouth graduates exhibit at London gallery

Portsmouth school launches postcard art project

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SIX fine art graduates from the University of Portsmouth have got what most artists dream of – an exclusive exhibition at a top London gallery.

Danielle Darby, 22, Steve Chivalry, 25, Dale Pattenden, 28, Jodie Eddy, 26, Rob Knox, 30, and Richard Eveleigh, 29, will be showing a range of artworks from abstract installations and oil paintings to minimalist sculputures at the Signal Gallery in the city.

Danielle, who secured the show through her long-standing contact with the gallery’s owner Chris Garlick, said: ‘It is going to be an amazing opportunity for us, especially as we’ve all just graduated with top degrees – five firsts and a 2:1.

‘We’re all passionate about art but it’s a tough industry and hopefully something positive will come about as a result of this exhibition.

‘Personally, I’ve been in education since the age of four and this is my first big break in the real world.’

Each artist will exhibit five works ranging from £60 to £200 in price.

The show runs from July 27 to 30, from midday to 6pm.