Portsmouth headteacher welcomes extra funding for schools


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A HEADTEACHER has welcomed news that more secondary schools across the area will benefit from extra funding from April next year.

The pupil premium – currently worth £488 per pupil – is set to increase to £600 and will be extended to cover any child registered for free school meals in the past six years.

This means secondary students whose parents do not register them for free school meals – even when they are eligible – are more likely to be picked up. This will mean extra funding for schools.

Mike Smith, head of City of Portsmouth Boys, said: ‘The extra funding is welcome, but it doesn’t begin to offset the money schools have lost through the disappearance of grants and services schools are now expected to provide such as careers advice.

‘I wouldn’t want anyone to go away with the impression that schools are being more generously funded than ever before.

‘School funding is extremely tight and it looks likely to continue to reduce.’