Portsmouth pupils learn about nocturnal animals

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PUPILS snuck into school in the dead of night to step into the paws of nocturnal animals they are studying this term.

Boys and girls at Stamshaw Infants returned to school on Friday night in their pyjamas to find all the lights switched off – and experienced what it would be like as moles, badgers and foxes.

They enjoyed sensory smell games like guessing the contents of beakers, just like hedgehogs, they were blindfolded like moles and led through an assault course in the main hall, and they enjoyed a torch-lit owl hunt.

The night time adventure was aimed at inspiring the six and seven-year-olds whose curriculum topic is nocturnal animals and their habitats.

Lucy Carroll, deputy head, said: ‘The children had a great time and so did the staff who all came dressed in their pyjamas too.

‘When they arrived in reception they were jumping with excitement – they couldn’t wait to start exploring.

‘It was all done very simply, with smells and sounds, but made a strong impression.

‘The children learnt a lot about the animals without even realising they were there to learn, as it was such great fun.’