Portsmouth school children promote importance of health living at city concert

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CHILDREN performed a concert celebrating healthy living, fitness and the importance of working hard.

More than 200 primary school pupils took part in the Singathlon show at the New Theatre Royal, in Portsmouth.

There was every possible costume on display, from footballers, to dancers to tennis players, and teachers got in on the act performing a song about weightlifting which included a teacher ‘struggling’ under the weight of a set of plastic dumbbells.

The concert, by Portsmouth Music Hub, saw more than 200 children perform a range of songs written by the Music Hub’s team of composers, which included Triple Jump, Live A More Active Life and Losers Like Me, which made the point that without losers there are no winners.

Sue Beckett, of Portsmouth Music Hub, said: ‘In this Olympic year it was the perfect time for a celebration of sport and keeping fit. The children gave some fantastic performances, and the schools worked really hard to make the event such a success.’