Portsmouth school implement rule-change after ‘missing’ pupil complaint


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A PRIMARY head has pledged to improve a school’s registration procedure after a mother raised fears when her son was mistakenly reported missing.

Doug Brawley, interim head at Langstone Infants in Milton, Portsmouth, accepted mistakes had been made when six-year-old Marzuq Hussain was reported missing almost two hours after registration – even though he was safe in school.

Marzuq’s mum Kamrun Nessa, 23, said she was considering taking her son out of the school.

She said: ‘This was not a mistake, this was negligence. What if my son had been missing – it would have gone unnoticed for hours.’

Mr Brawley said the incident was down to a ‘clerical’ error, when a teacher who had noted Marzuq was in class marked it incorrectly on the register.

He explained: ‘Usually when a teacher notes a child is absent it is flagged up, but because on this occasion Marzuq was safe in school it wasn’t.

‘Subsequently, when the list was double-checked later in the day another member of staff raised the alarm with parents. From now on the register will be double-checked immediately after it is taken, and there will be better communication between both parties checking it.’

Mr Brawley, of top-performing Copnor Juniors, is at Langstone until the summer holidays as its former head Linda Stallion stood down earlier this year for personal reasons.

In January, Langstone was given a ‘notice to improve’ by Ofsted inspectors.