Portsmouth schoolchildren ‘love to learn about chocolate’

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Over the past year, the new curriculum has been introduced, writes Isambard Brunel’s deputy headteacher Sara Paine.

We have used this opportunity to take another look at the topics we focus on as a school here.

We have decided that we want to revamp them so they are more appealing and relevant to the children.

We have shortened the amount of time we spend on each topic.

This means that instead of only being taught three main topics in a year, the children are taught up to six.

This means that they get much more variety and get involved in topics they are really interested in.

One topic we have recently introduced into Year 5 has been about chocolate.

We have used the tale of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to bring our story writing alive.

We have used food tasting and cookery to develop the children’s design and technology skills.

The children have been taught geographical skills by looking at fair trade chocolate and how chocolate is produced.

We have also tried to harness their enthusiasm and empathy for others by having a fair-trade chocolate cake competition. The children designed and made their own chocolate cake at home.

They then brought their cakes into school and sold them to raise money for charity.

The pupils loved this and raised over £150 for their chosen charity.

Photographs of our cakes can be seen on our school website.

Please visit isambardbrunelschool.wordpress.com to have a look.