Portsmouth students’ union speaks out over University of Portsmouth’s £800,000 rebrand

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THE students’ union in Portsmouth has said government cuts are forcing universities to compete.

James Thompson, president of the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union, said the government should better fund higher education.

The News yesterday revealed the university spent £800,000 on a rebrand, with a new logo, while departments were asked to make cuts. The vice-chancellor received a £46,000 salary increase over four years.

Mr Thompson said: ‘Universities across the country are being placed in difficult circumstances as a result of the continual cuts being made in the higher education sector.

‘Institutions are now having to compete with each other whilst maintaining the high-level of service that students expect to receive. With tuition fees being frozen and government funding to universities continuing to fall, institutions are finding themselves having to budget accordingly in order to accommodate for this.’

He added: ‘We feel that these issues would not persist if the government funded the higher education sector appropriately.’