Portsmouth survey to find out the level of people’s happiness

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LEVELS of happiness of people living in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and Dorset will be measured by a University of Portsmouth expert.

Dr Laura Hyman, sociology lecturer, is recruiting 100 volunteers in conjunction with BBC Solent to identify local factors influencing their mood - they will answer a series of questions at intervals during 2012.

Dr Hyman said: ‘We’ve already got a lot of data nationally about happiness and wellbeing, but having it at a local level is really useful as it tells us how environmental and local factors impact upon people’s sense of their own happiness.’

The ‘Happiness Hundred’ will answer a series of questions at regular intervals and some will also be interviewed to gain an insight into their mood as it changes over the year, and what events trigger those changes.

Other issues being examined during the year-long study include whether earnings, access to amenities or living in rural areas determine happiness levels.

To apply to take part in the Happiness Hundred panel, email happytalk@bbc.co.uk including your name and contact telephone number.