Portsmouth twins end up at different schools after row over place swap

Paige Carrington-Windo, left, and Paris Carrington-Windo. Picture: Allan Hutchings (143089-568)
Paige Carrington-Windo, left, and Paris Carrington-Windo. Picture: Allan Hutchings (143089-568)
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THEY have spent their whole schooling lives together but now these twin sisters have been split up.

Paris and Paige Carrington-Windo, 14, were at Miltoncross Academy in Milton, Portsmouth until the summer, when their mum Samantha applied for them to have a place at Priory School, as the family was due to move to a new home around the corner in Jessie Road, Southsea.

But when the move fell through, the family was forced to stay in their home in Livesay Gardens, Milton.

And when Samantha contacted Miltoncross to get the girls moved back, she was told there was only a place for Paige. It means that Paris has to walk half an hour to get to Priory School – and is at a different school to Paige for the first time.

However Miltoncross headteacher Fiona Calderbank said it was the school rules and policies that forced Mrs Carrington-Windo to move her daughter.

‘Mrs Carrington-Windo informed us that she was moving her children to another school as she was not happy with many of the school rules and policies when they were applied to her daughter Paris,’ she said.

‘As the school rules and policies have not changed and Paris is progressing well in her new school, it would not make educational sense for her to move again.

‘We had no cause or reason to contact mum regarding application of school rules and policies with respect of her other daughter so it would not have been fair not to accept her.’

But Samantha, 35, said: ‘I didn’t like the school policies but that’s not why my daughter left the school. The house move fell through.

‘I’m a single parent. I have two daughters who have been together since birth. Paris isn’t doing very well. It takes her half an hour to get to school. I bought her a bike and someone damaged it.

‘It’s frustrating because every parent wants their child to do well. They should both be leaving for school together and coming home together. They are twins, they should go to the same school.

‘I’m not happy at all. It’s really put the whole family down.’

The girls both attended Priory for the last two months of the academic year but when it came to September, only Paige was offered a place back at Miltoncross Academy.

Paris added: ‘I can’t really concentrate in my lessons. I’m always with her and I don’t like being apart. I don’t want to be going to school.’

Paige said: ‘It’s not the same any more because I am always with her. She’s always there if I need help or anything.’