Portsmouth uni to help boost green energy

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MATHEMATICIANS from the University of Portsmouth are helping with a project to efficiently transport off-shore wind farms, which would make green energy more affordable.

Mathematicians in the UK and France have won €1.8m (£1.4m) in funding.

Experts in logistics from the Universities of Portsmouth, Le Havre and Plymouth are looking at reducing the cost of setting up and maintaining off-shore wind farms as part of an EU initiative.

Off-shore wind farms are a proven source of renewable energy, but the cost of transporting, assembling, and maintaining wind turbines can make them overly expensive compared to less eco-friendly fuels.

Dylan Jones, a mathematician at the university, said: ‘Considerable savings could be made if logistics were better used to focus specifically on transporting wind farm parts.

‘We are hoping to make wind farm energy a more viable and affordable option in the energy market and this project also shows how maths can influence everyday life.’