Portsmouth youngsters’ anti-bullying film gets worldwide attention

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SCHOOLCHILDREN have created an anti-bullying video to help promote friendship.

The Dream Catchers’ video has received thousands of views and international attention from America and Canada, reaching and inspiring schoolchildren there.

One of the stars of the Dream Catchers anti-bullying video

One of the stars of the Dream Catchers anti-bullying video

The video shows schoolchildren discussing bullying and dispelling misconceptions – such as ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’.

Dream Catchers is an after-school club in Farlington run by Leah Cardey and her team where children from schools around Portsmouth can complete homework in an after-school club, enjoy a healthy breakfast or experience a themed play scheme.

Caroline Brennan, the assistant manager of Dream Catchers, said: ‘The children were desperate to make this video – it was all on of their initiative as their message is most powerful when it is by children, for children.’

The video comes from the after-school club Dream Catchers offers, where children aged four to 11 take part in activities led by Mia Brennan, a 15-year-old anti-bullying ambassador.

Another of the scenes in the Dream Catchers video

Another of the scenes in the Dream Catchers video

Mia said: ‘It is a real privilege to work with such an amazing group of kids. Bullying can create a terrible sense of fear and isolation which no person should have to go through. I hoped that it would make a real difference if I could use my own experiences to help the children develop the skills they need to combat bullying.’

In this club, children take part in team building activities – among their favourites is the ‘toothpaste challenge’, where the power of words is shown by how, just like toothpaste cannot be put back in a tube, words cannot be taken back.

Caroline added: ‘The children are desperate to make more videos, and even a YouTube channel. We want to continue tackling more issues in a way which is accessible to children.’

To go to Dream Catchers, parents can contact them on Facebook or via their website www.dreamcatchers-childcare.com