Posters teach safety

Portsmouth university criminologist becomes chairman of The Security Institute

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YOUNGSTERS have been rewarded for designing safety posters to keep children away from building sites.

Gosport’s Siskin Junior School joined up with the Rowner Renewal Partnership to teach young people the dangers of trespassing onto construction sites.

The children designed posters and the best four were given a £10 gift voucher.

The winners were Litisha Ings, Rhys Curtis, Shaira Boularhi and Shauna Dewhurst.

Teacher Amanda Wray said: ‘This has been particularly important for our school as we are not only surrounded by building work on the regeneration project but also on our own school site.

‘We are now looking forward to seeing the winning posters displayed on the Rowner site.’

The posters will be enlarged and displayed across the Rowner regeneration site.

The other 53 posters designed by pupils will also be displayed.