Private Fareham school set to expand by opening sixth form

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THE first sixth form in Fareham is set to open to students at a private school from next September.

Meoncross School in Stubbington is expanding its provision. The school will offer students the opportunity to study A-levels there for the first time.

Sarah Ebery is the headteacher. She said: ‘We feel there’s a real gap in the market because there is no independent sixth form in Fareham and no academic sixth form in Fareham.

‘We aren’t a large school and we never want to be a large school. We are aiming for a small number of people who want to benefit from what we offer here.

‘There is an academic focus to what we are wanting to do here.’

Currently, the school offers private education for children from the age of two up to 16.

Claire Jepson is the head of sixth form. She said: ‘There is a lot of one-to-one support that we give our students here.

‘We will carry that on to what can be a very difficult and challenging time for our pupils. The feedback has been very positive from parents.

‘From our perspective, it’s about maximising their potential.’

The new sixth form will offer up to 20 different subjects.

There will be no more than 20 students in each year group.

Ms Jepson added: ‘It’s about getting the students into the best universities for them.

‘It’s a way of ensuring that they have the best CV and the most that we can offer for them.’

And Ms Jepson said younger children in the school have already expressed an interest in continuing onto the sixth form.

‘It’s been really interesting to hear the enthusiasm from Year 7 and Year 8 pupils.

‘We didn’t think it was something that would be on their radar yet but they are really excited by the opportunity and the potential.’

The school will also have a big focus on extra curricular activities.

‘It’s something we are going to encourage all students to do,’ Ms Jepson said.

‘There is a real opportunity to shake things up a little bit and see what do these pupils need to do to stand out at university.’

Meanwhile, Fareham Academy still plans to open a sixth form, but it won’t be until at least September 2016, as the school awaits permission from the Education Funding Agency (EFA).