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CHICHESTER’S independent businesses have been celebrated in a new book co-edited by a university professor.

Prof Paul Foster, based at the University of Chichester, edited A Baker’s Dozen: Chichester’s Lost Retailers – which records the closure of private firms.

Prof Foster said: ‘This book records a slice of cultural history – the loss of independent shops that once flourished in the city.

‘In several instances, such shops had successfully traded for almost a century, and some for much longer still.

‘But times change and in the past 30 or so years, the city has lost retailers that once seemed permanent features of the city’s streets.’

He added: ‘This is nothing unique to Chichester, and the reasons are straightforward – increasing rents, difficulties with parking, out-of-town shopping centres and the growth of supermarkets.

‘I feel strongly this is a phenomenon of social behaviour and commercial change that merits records.’

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