Professor’s talk reveals secrets of pollination


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MOST people seeing an open flower attracting a bee are not aware of the drama and deception going on in front of their eyes.

But a professor at the University of Portsmouth’s biological sciences department will give a speech that promises to lift the lid on what goes on behind the apparently innocent moment when an insect visits a plant for his inaugural speech next week.

Professor Scott Armbruster, whose area of research is the floral evolution of selected species, said: ‘The drama and pathos of the plant kingdom is every bit as exciting as the animal kingdom.

‘Most plants and their pollinators have a conflict of interests – plants offer as little reward as possible to their pollinators and some are literally deceptive.’

His lecture at Portland Building on January 25 entitled The Honesty of Flowers: Costs and Benefits of Plant-Animal Signalling, starts at 6pm. Admission is free but places are limited.

To make a reservation contact or (023) 9284 3757.