Project is to research Portsmouth’s role in the First World War

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CHILDREN, students and senior citizens across the city are taking part in a major research project to find out the human stories behind Portsmouth’s First World War effort.

The city’s official and unofficial archives will be pored over to find untold stories of bravery and loss alongside how the war affected everyday life and the fabric of the city itself.

Researchers aged from eight to 80 will examine official First World War archives held in the city’s libraries as well as diaries, letters, local newspapers, court records, school records and any other material they can lay their hands on.

The project is being run by psychologist Dr Lorenzo Stafford, of the University of Portsmouth, who has secured a £10,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the project ‘Re-connecting Portsmouth to World War 1: Spies, sea and the city’.

Dr Stafford said: ‘I’m really excited about this project and the opportunity to combine aspects of history and psychology.

‘History often forgets to tell the human stories behind a conflict – this project will be a real chance to tell those stories.’