Project proves a success for Chloe

Chloe Hines' mum Emma
Chloe Hines' mum Emma
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Former governor receives MBE award

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SHE is an inspirational character who vowed to do her best to eradicate bullying.

Now, Chloe Hine has come out on top with two prizes at The News Youth Awards.

The 14-year-old was given £300 of funding by O2 Think Big to help young people cope with bullying through music.

She is the brains behind Beat the Bullies, a musical initiative with Havant charity Music Fusion, which allows young people to express themselves through music to overcome difficult situations.

She won awards for Music Star and Entrepreneur of the Year.

But the youngster from Havant missed the awards as she was away in Iceland.

Her mum Emma Hine, 37, collected them on her behalf.

She said: ‘She will be chuffed. She started Beat the Bullies because she had been bullied herself. I’m very proud of her.’