Pupils are learning the benefits of coding in IT

Forest School Leaders Dawn White and Sue Evans with their pupils outside the school

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For over a term, children in Years 2 to 5 have been learning computer coding, writes coding teacher Carron Stacey.

Coding is writing a program in a programming language.

And the children have been learning that you need coding for every digital device in the home, in the workplace, in shops and in school.

Here at Westover Primary School we use Scratch, a fun program that uses sprites to make animations.

Ruby Reynolds, nine, in Year 5, said: ‘Coding is exciting because you get to choose what your characters say, you get to move them about and make a background.

‘You can even make a Christmas card.’

Savannah Barratt, nine, also in Year 5, said ‘It’s a laugh and I do coding at home.

‘I’ve scanned in pictures that I drew, and used them as sprites.

‘In our coding classes, we do themed work but you can make it your own adventure.’

Last month, Westover participated in the Hour of Code.

Organised by code.org, more than 10 million students completed one hour of coding worldwide to increase awareness of the need for more children to learn computer science.

One child said he enjoyed the Hour of Code so much that when he got home, he played with it until 9pm.

He is keen to continue this term, and to learn much more advanced skills.

Another boy said he enjoyed making funny sounds.

I am bombarded with questions in the corridor and playground about Scratch and when their next lesson is.

There is such a buzz about coding.

So many children have taken to it so well and continue their classroom learning at home.