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CHILDREN got a taste of life on the road by driving go-karts around their very own track at school.

Staff at Arundel Court Schools in Portsmouth designed a road around the field complete with road markings, stop signs and even a zebra crossing – with a lollipop lady.

Towhidur Rahman (8) on the go-karts.''Picture: Sarah Standing (131576-8620)

Towhidur Rahman (8) on the go-karts.''Picture: Sarah Standing (131576-8620)

In order to use the go-karts the children have to get a ‘driver’s licence’ and have to learn the rules of the road to obtain one.

They have to pass a basic test to show that they know how to signal, how to brake and how to drive safely.

Deputy headteacher at the schools Rob Jones said it was a good way to make use of the outside space during the winter months.

‘It gave them a bit of an idea as to how to be safe on the road as one of our values is to be safe,’ he said.

‘At playtimes and lunchtimes the children line up.

‘When I watch them they do follow the rules of the road.

‘What’s great about this is that it’s going to lend itself to writing, particularly for boys.

‘We struggle in our school to get boys to write well. They need something that is going to hook them.

‘This for boys in particular is a great resource to give them an idea of things to write about.’

Mr Jones said it’s a good way for children to get an idea of what it’s like to drive a car.

‘It gives them a little taste of some of the rules of the road,’ he added.

‘With the new laws coming in about tailgating and hogging the middle lane I’ve taught them that – about driving too close to somebody.’

Year 6 pupil Maesha Uddin, said: ‘It’s fun and I appreciate that the school has spent money buying the go karts and painting the road.

‘I have learnt how to drive properly. I know that I have to stay safe.

‘I know that if I do something wrong I have to face the consequences.’

Year 5 pupil Xiao Lan Ruan, 10, added: ‘It helps us learn how to drive it and we have got rules. Everyone enjoyed it because it was interesting.’

Year 2 pupil Tia Benton, 7, said: ‘They are good. It’s fun because we are the only school that has got go-karts.’