Pupils get motivated about careers at BAE

SCIENCE From left, Isabel Uniacke, Paige Daw, Kaydee King and Megan Baker. Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (131771-2)
SCIENCE From left, Isabel Uniacke, Paige Daw, Kaydee King and Megan Baker. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (131771-2)
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STUDENTS have been getting to grips with maths and science in a bid to inspire them to take on jobs in engineering.

The annual BAE roadshow took place at the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

It gave students the chance to enjoy an engaging theatre performance about engineering and then get hands on in a series of workshops.

The events are designed to inspire young people about science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) subjects and help build the nation’s pool of engineers to meet the UK’s future needs.

The first day saw students from Admiral Lord Nelson School in Portsmouth, and Brune Park School in Gosport taking part.

Rhona Gray, science teacher at Admiral Lord Nelson School, said: ‘It’s to help them to see that Stem isn’t just something in the classroom.

‘It’s to inspire them to take an interest which will help carry through to their education in school.

‘A lot of them, when they first looked at the instructions, it was a challenge to them and it was hands on.

‘But they have become really engaged with it.

‘You can see the excitement when they manage to figure it out.

‘It’s linked to real-life jobs that they can aspire to, but it’s been fun for them as well.’

Richard Hamer, education director at BAE Systems, said: ‘Everything we do depends upon mathematics and science.

‘We want them to come away from it with some positive experiences about maths and science and also having understood what career opportunities there are.

‘Also we’re trying to encourage a few more girls as well to be interested in careers in science, engineering and maths.

‘It’s a combination of listening, seeing and doing things.

‘Those things will mean they will come away and learn something.

‘It tells them about BAE and the RAF and the jobs that they have got.

‘Here in Portsmouth they are promoting links with the naval base.’