Pupils set to get their number brains on

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SCHOOL students are being urged to take on their teachers in a battle of intellect.

The idea has come from the NSPCC, which is hoping to get students actively taking part in Number Day – penned for Friday, February 2.

Number Day is a maths-inspired fundraising day for children from nursery to secondary school, with free downloadable maths activities for students and staff to take part in.

Emma Aked, schools service area coordinator for Hampshire, said: ‘It’s so important to have the support of schools across the UK for Number Day.

‘Their involvement will help us to protect more children from abuse and allow them to focus on what’s important – their hopes, their ambitions and their education.

‘For 2018 we have new and refreshed activities so everyone can have fun with numbers – even if it isn’t their favourite subject.’

To sign up for Number Day, go to nspcc.org.uk/numberday.