Pupils show their bottle to build a 4ft igloo to use as a reading room

From left, Lilly- Ann, and Darcia, play in the igloo made of more than 500 milk bottles
From left, Lilly- Ann, and Darcia, play in the igloo made of more than 500 milk bottles
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IT’S a children’s reading area, but not like one you’ve seen before – this one’s made out of more than 500 milk bottles.

Louise Smith and her class at Little Learners Day Care in Clarkes Road in Fratton, Portsmouth, used hundreds of plastic four-pint milk bottles to construct the snowy scene, using a glue gun to stick them together.

The 22-year-old’s inspiration came from the website Pinterest, where she saw someone had attempted something similar, and believed it would make an excellent reading area.

She set about finding hundreds of bottles from milk companies, before milk&more came forward offering her as many as she required.

Now the 4.5ft structure is complete, the children have been getting into the festive spirit, imitating visits to Santa’s grotto by asking each other what they want for Christmas.

The children used their creativity and imagination to decorate the igloo.

Miss Smith, from Portsmouth, said: ‘The idea came about because we were looking online for ideas building a tent in our nursery garden, but came upon this on Pinterest for Christmas.

‘It’s something completely different. It was originally going to be 150 bottles, but it soon became 300 and then 500.

‘The children have been working very hard to build their plastic milk bottle igloo and they’re very excited to show their creation to everyone. We encourage creativity and fun at Little Learners Day Care and we’re hoping we’ve even made some budding artists.

‘The children have been working together very well and we’re very proud of their igloo.

‘They have been playing in it, pretending to be Father Christmas by sitting on each others’ laps and asking 
what they all want for Christmas.’

Miss Smith, who said the structure will remain in the school until February, said it can house five children, or three and a teacher.

The circular base was made two bottles thick, before others were placed on top until they joined in the middle of the roof.

Chris Munn, marketing manager at milk&more, said: ‘We’re delighted to be in a position to help Little Learners Day Care.

‘Our milkmen deliver 108 million litres of British milk a year but it’s great that our plastic milk bottles are also being used to help encourage creativity and teamwork amongst the younger generation. That’s very much something we want to be a part of. It may even encourage them to become milkmen or milkwomen in a few years.’

Little Learners Day Care is a pre-school and nursery which has 75 children, aged from three months to four years old.