Pupils take pride in school at flag-raising ceremony

The four new house groups together with the flags and accompanied by their escorts from HMS Collingwood '(front) Lord Mayor of Portsmouth Ken Ellcome with Commander Matthew Stratton, the chairman of the school governors '' (180205-5383)

A school’s new house groups were marked by raising the flags in front of local VIPs.

Teachers, business leaders and naval dignitaries from HMS Collingwood united to raise flags for the formal opening of Trafalgar School’s four new student factions – Britannia, Temeraire, Sovereign and Victory.

Britannia House: Jada Shallow with her escort from HMS Collingwood (180205-5393)

Read more about the ceremony here.

Each carrying a different emblem, the naval-themed divisions will provide pupils at the Hilsea school with the chance to stage inter-house competitions and assemblies, while also offering a means of celebrating their collective attainment.

Pupils also presented speeches about why they take pride in their house groups.

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Wadood Alli with his escort from HMS Collingwood''Picture by: Malcolm Wells (180205-5398)

Jaya Taylor smiles proudly with her escort from HMS Collingwood (180205-5403)

Victory House member Charlotte Head with her escort from HMS Collingwood (180205-5409)

Headteacher Claire Copeland, with Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Councillor Ken Ellcome, and senior school pupils (180205-5447)

The flag-raising ceremony (180205-5416)

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