Pupils to learn lifelong skills at annual conference

Portsmouth children learn about seafront defences

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Students from across Havant are taking part in the second annual youth conference at The Plaza on Friday.

Pupils aged 14 and 15 from all senior schools across the borough have been invited to attend the event where they will meet guest speakers MP Alan Mak, Zoe Jackson MBE and local charity Beat the Bullies.

The event will focus on life skills and include topics such as budgeting, internet safety, and healthy lifestyles.

Students will also be able to quiz local councillors.

Leader of Havant Borough Council Michael Cheshire, said: ‘This event gives young people in the borough life-long skills that will assist them in the future.

‘It will also give them an insight into democracy at a young age, helping them to understand how local government works and introduce them to the voting system – encouraging them to vote once they reach 18 years of age.’