Pupils told to keep ice cube forfeit a secret

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THE former head of music at The Petersfield School has been banned from teaching for life after telling pupils to keep punishments of putting ice cubes in their underwear a secret.

The Department for Education said James Eaton’s actions fell ‘significantly short of the standard of behaviour expected of a teacher’.

The 37-year-old taught at TPS from 2008 until 2011 and was director of music at Romsey Abbey from 2008 until 2009.

The Professional Conduct Panel found he organised a trip to a swimming pool with pupils from TPS without the school’s knowledge.

Mr Eaton also admitted allowing an explicit song to be performed at a residential weekend.

And he allowed a system of punishment or forfeit to occur involving boys having cold showers and putting ice cubes in their underwear or under their arms.

He encouraged the pupils to keep the punishments secret.

On that trip he took pictures of the boys and gave them cameras to encourage them to take photos of each other.

Mr Eaton admitted contacting pupils through social network sites and personal emails.

The panel found it not proven that he was overfamiliar with boy choristers at the Abbey and that he arranged to sleep in a dormitory with them while on a trip.

Mr Eaton did not attend the hearing where he was banned from ever working with children again, and will not have the right to a review of the prohibition order.

In its report the panel said: ‘The panel believes this to be a pattern of behaviour which demonstrates a continuing potential risk.

‘The lack of remorse and insight shown by Mr Eaton reinforces the panel’s view that this behaviour is likely to be repeated.’