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EMPLOYERS will receive a visit from education welfare officers to make sure they are complying with child employment laws.

This month is National Child Employment month which was set up to raise awareness of the potentially detrimental effect working can have on the education and welfare of children.

This month West Sussex County Council education welfare officers will visit newsagents to make enquiries about the children who work there, both in shops and on paper rounds.

Officers will visit markets, shopping centres and any other places where children may be working.

Employers will be reminded of the work that children can and cannot carry out in the workplace, the hours they are allowed to work, the importance of work permits and the penalties of not following the correct procedures – currently a fine of up to £1,000.

Councillor Peter Evans, said: ‘We’re not trying to worry employers about prosecution but we are passing on a helpful reminder of the current laws that govern child employment.

‘Having a part-time job can be very beneficial to a young person, but their education has to be the number one priority.’