Residents’ anger at Chichester council bin fee

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PLANS to force householders to pay for recycling and waste bins when they need replacing have come under fire from residents.

Chichester District Council is considering charging residents £30 for new bins, which were once free, when they become worn out or damaged.

Community leaders feel the move would be unfair given the wheelie bins were compulsory in the first place.

East Broyle Residents’ Association chairman, Chris Lindsay, said: ‘It’s a service that local authorities provide for the population.

‘It should be funded out of local taxation. Thirty pounds is a lot of money for some people – if you are elderly living on a pension it’s a lot of money.’

Council officers said some bins were now more than eight years old and were expected to last between 10 and 13 years.

Chichester councillor Pam Dignum said free bins were something that should no longer be taken for granted.

‘People used to buy their own bins and have got used to a free one,’ she said. ‘If we spend millions replacing them freely, there will be less to spend on another priority.

‘It’s something people have to weigh up.’