Residents left fed up with student noise and karaoke

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LATE-NIGHT student parties and loud karaoke sessions are blighting the lives of people living in an area of Southsea, residents have claimed.

They have told The News repeated complaints have been made over the last few years to the university and city council about the disruption, but nothing has been done to help.

A resident in Trevor Road, next to Fawcett Road, said he was fed up with parties being held on a regular basis near his house until ‘3am or 4am’, keeping neighbours awake.

The man, who did not want to be named, said: ‘I do get very frustrated and angry about it.

‘You can really tell the difference when students are not around. I would have less of a problem if they were respectful about it.

‘The other night the police were called because one of them was trying to kick down a door.’

He said the university had issued information about how long music can be played for in the evenings, but that this had been ignored.

He added: ‘They know the rules but don’t abide by them. They know what the time is and that the music is too loud.

‘How much do they have to do before the university takes them off courses?

‘I would go and knock on their doors but then they would figure out who had been complaining.’

Another Trevor Road resident, Florin Necula, said he had faced the same problem since he moved in four years ago.

The 39-year-old said: ‘Some of them have come back from clubbing at 2am to do karaoke. I have a nine-year-old boy but luckily he doesn’t share a wall with the next house.

‘It happens mainly at the weekends. I’ve spoken to my landlord, who had a chat with them. They put the noise down for a couple of weeks but then it started up again.’

Students living on Trevor Road told The News they did not think there was a major issue with noise.

James Rae, 21 has lived on the street for the last three years.

He said: ‘I know we have to be quiet because a lot of people here have children.

‘There are a lot of drunk people at night though who come down here from Albert Road.’

Another female student said: ‘I don’t think we are very loud.

‘There are other houses which are noisier though.’