REVEALED: The best and worst performing secondary schools in the Portsmouth area

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Here are the best and worst performing schools in the Portsmouth area, according to new figures released by the government.

The schools are judged by two new measures, Progress 8 and Attainment 8, based on raw GCSE results from last year.

The tables feature the results of the first pupils to sit new, tougher exams in English and maths.

With regards to Attainment 8 scores, the average for Hampshire schools (excluding ones in Southampton and Portsmouth) is 47 and the average for Portsmouth is 42.3.

The national average is 44.6.

The results for several independent schools appear low as this year the figures do not include results for the IGCSE, an alternative qualification that many private schools offer.

The government’s figures categorise any student who has taken an IGCSE as having achieved a zero, the equivalent of a fail, and so the results are skewed.

For example, last year, when the IGCSE was included, Portsmouth Grammar School scored 55.5 points. This year, without it, the score has dropped to 37.7.

St John’s College, Mayville School and Portsmouth High School were also affected.