Road safety message taken to the streets of Bedhampton

Schoolchildren on patrol outside St Thomas More Catholic School
Schoolchildren on patrol outside St Thomas More Catholic School
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  • Pupils at St Thomas More’s Primary School are doing two-week road safety project
  • Have put together posters and flyers to give to parents parking dangerously
  • Approaching them direct, appealing for them to be considerate
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PARENTS have been given a talking-to by pupils for parking dangerously outside a school.

Youngsters from St Thomas More Primary School in Bedhampton, are taking part in a two-week project on road safety.

As I stepped out a car zoomed past me and only just missed me

Naoki Dennison

As part of that, they created a campaign to tackle dangerous parking outside the school that happens when parents drop off their children – a common problem.

The Years 5 and 6 pupils put together a marketing campaign, printed T-shirts, and created posters and business cards with road safety messages.

And this week they have been out on the front line, approaching parents who park on the yellow no-parking lines outside the school gates in Hooks Lane.

School liaison officer Rosie Miller said: ‘This is something that affects most schools and we’re tackling it.

‘The children have been explaining to them how dangerous it is and encouraging them not to do it again. They have been giving them advice on how to keep their children safe.

‘We don’t want parents thinking we are being negative but, at the end of the day, it’s safety first for the children. We’re asking them to show consideration for our neighbours.’

As well as campaign materials the pupils made up raps to get their message across.

Naoki Dennison, 11, has first-hand experience of a near-miss outside the school because cars were double parked.

He said: ‘I stopped to look but couldn’t see anything.

‘As I stepped out a car zoomed past me and only just missed me.’

Charlie Fry, 10, said: ‘It’s good to learn about road safety.

‘It’s a very interesting topic and also helps you to stay safe in the road.’

Parents are being encouraged to park further away and walk into school – at least once a week – in a scheme called Park and Stride.