Sailors turn teachers at Southsea school

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SAILORS swapped life at sea for a week in the classroom after volunteering at a Southsea school.

Members of the Royal Navy are spending this week at Wimborne Junior School.

Bobby Jones (11) with LH Gav Hastings (36), during a lesson.''Picture: Sarah Standing (13576-778)

Bobby Jones (11) with LH Gav Hastings (36), during a lesson.''Picture: Sarah Standing (13576-778)

They acted as classroom assistants, helping the children in Year 6 with their work.

And it gave them an opportunity to find out more about working in a school.

Able Seaman Gavin Tebb, 36, said: ‘It’s just to show our presence to the schools in the community. If we can help out anywhere we will.

‘We are volunteers and it gives us a bit more of an insight into how schoolchildren are taught these days, compared to when we were at school. Things have changed over the years.

‘I enjoyed it because I have got four kids of my own. Now I know how my kids are learning at school these days.’

Deputy head Sarah Luker said: ‘We’re grateful for any voluntary help.

‘It had a very positive effect, especially on our boys.

‘It was good seeing them wearing their uniform as well. It was something we don’t see every day.

‘We don’t have that many service children, so having people in their uniform working with the children is having a positive effect.’

The children were shown a DVD about the Royal Navy and they got to ask questions about what they do.

‘The children have thoroughly enjoyed it,’ added Mrs Luker.

‘It’s something different. Mainly when we have volunteers, it’s parents or university students. This just adds that extra dimension to it.’

Kiera Billcliffe, 11, said: ‘It’s been good because they help us to understand their job and what they do.’

Daniel Cantwell, 11, added: ‘They were helpful and very talkative and they have been telling us about their experiences.’